Cesar Chavez Contemplation:

"Reflection and moving forward..."

​ We reflected on the legacy of Latino civil rights leader, Cesar Chavez.  



We also recognize leaders who are building on the foundation of advocacy and making a difference in our community today.  

Cesar Chavez Liderazgo Hall of Fame

The National Council for Leadership Board of Directors

has decided to postpone the live event until March 28, 2022. 

Confirmation will be shared by November of 2021.


This is a social capital building event and we cannot do so during a pandemic.

We will gather and celebrate soon.  


Stay health, safe and hasta pronto!  

Annual Cesar Chavez Contemplation Breakfast  


We reflect on the legacy of Cesar Chavez and celebrating those individuals

making an impact today.

From the classroom to the board room, transforming people through leadership training so they can have a positive impact on a multicultural future. 

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