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Cesar Chavez Contemplation:

"Reflection and moving forward..."

​ We reflected on the legacy of Latino civil rights leader, Cesar Chavez.  

We also recognize leaders who are building on the foundation of advocacy and making a difference in our community today.  

Cesar Chavez Liderazgo Hall of Fame

This is a social capital building event.  We are staying mindful of the pandemic.

Limited seating. Stay health and safe.  ­¡Hasta pronto!  

Annual Cesar Chavez Contemplation Breakfast: Reflection and moving forward...

March 28, 2022 

Keynote Speaker

Maria C. Garza, CEO

East Coast Migrant Head Start Project 


Location: Event location to follow

Time: 7:30am to 9:30amEST

Limited live attendance. 



We reflect on the legacy of Cesar Chavez, as a Civil Rights and Labor Leader for Farmworker Rights.

Wcelebrate and recognize the individuals that continue making an impact today.

2022 Cesar Chavez Liderazgo Award Recipients are: 

Maria C. Garza                                                   Grace L. Nystrum



Maria C. Garza CEO ECMHSP.webp
Maria C. Garza CEO ECMHSP.webp
Grace L. Nystrum.webp

Cesar Chavez Contemplation Breakfast: Reflection and Moving Forward...Spring 2022

From the classroom to the board room, transforming people through leadership training to have a positive impact on a multicultural future. 

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