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Working with Leadership in the Clouds™
We provide transformational Programming

Women Voting
  • Self-Understanding (Behaviors and Motivations)

  • Develop or Enhance Emotional Intelligence

  • Understanding Your Leadership Style

  • Stress Management and Developing Strategies

  • Workplace Expectations

  • Conflict Resolution and Critical Thinking

  • Turning Adversity into Opportunity

  • How to Communicate and Understanding Others

  • Goal Setting: Personal and Professional Action Plan

  • Community Engagement: How to get started?

At the National Council for Leadership, we believe that leadership development is for everyone.  We are dedicated to supporting individuals through our various initiatives. One of our initiatives is to help you discover who you are and how to "find your voice." In our interactive sessions, you will learn the principles that guide your decisions and actions. You will find the way to express a leadership philosophy in your words, not in someone else's. We strive to help you make a difference, whether it's in your community, or in your career, we know that all who wish to learn need a way to achieve their goals. Contact us today and find a program that fits your needs.  We hold workshops across the country.


Customized Workshops: Career and Self-Development

Adults, Young Professionals, Career Seekers, College Students and those wishing to understand more about themselves. Our participants gain knowledge they can immediately implement in their careers, their communities and in their daily lives.

Workshops for Students: A Game Plan for Life©

Graduation success is directly associated with the success of the 9th-grade student, high school freshman year. However, we also work with students in 3rd grade to begin their journey. 


This workshop serves to enhance the student's understanding of their strengths, areas of improvement, what drives them and their behaviors as well as understanding their communication style.


It will improve success in school, at home, with friends and even future career endeavors.  Participants gain the knowledge of leadership by understanding of self, others and their community by understanding leadership competencies.  We work with four competencies: Knowledge, Value, Ability, Behavior and eight categories.   




The participants can become part of a cohort program that provides age appropriate leadership information and skills to enhance their through their life journey. 

 To request complete program information, click here to contact us.

Giving a Speech
  1. Learning and Reasoning

  2. Self-Awareness and Development

  3. Interpersonal Interaction

  4. Group Dynamics

  5. Civic Responsibility

  6. Communication

  7. Strategic Planning

  8. Personal Behavior

Customized Workshops
A Game Plan for Life©
Contact Information

The leadership program made you think, not to think of what you would normally think.

It makes you think of helping and leading others.

Thanks Pat and Soy Latino Como Tu.



(Elementary School Student)

2017 Summer Session Participant of 

A Game Plan for Life©

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